Random things

Some random things about me:

  • I lived in India for a year: I worked as a volunteer for a local HIV/AIDS NGO in Surat, in the state of Gujarat (where they use sugar on everything they cook. Everything!)

  • I saw B.B.King play live: for some reason B.B. King came to a small town in Portugal (Sabrosa) and gave a free outdoors concert in May of 2010. I was one of 20 000 people watching and had tears in my eyes when he entered the stage.

  • I learned how to scuba dive: I did the first two levels and had the opportunity to dive in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Egypt. I don't dive anymore though...

  • I lived in Spain, India and the U.K.: the longest time I spent abroad was in India (see first bullet point); before that I lived in Bilbao in the north of Spain for around 3 months while doing an internship in a TV production company. In 2010 I lived in the UK for a month just to try out living in London. Loved the experience, but was homesick like crazy... So I came back.

  • I paraglided: I had this recurrent dream where I would be in the middle of the street and suddenly realized the air around me was more dense. I would start moving my arms and legs as if I was swimming and would start to fly. Once I went paragliding these dreams stopped. I loved the experience.

  • I rode a camel in Morocco: and a horse in Portugal in a military facility where I went for riding classes.

  • I went whale watching and swam in the high sea: this was in the Azores, a group of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic. I have never seen clearer bluer water than when I jumped from the boat into the ocean.

  • I saw the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset: because I was there. It moved me more than I expected.

  • I wrote an e-book and two blogs: and if you can read Portuguese click the following links to learn more about my experience in India or to learn more about personal branding (the e-book on personal branding is available for free on the website).

  • I am fluent in 3 languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. I also know a bit of French and would love to learn how to speak proper Mandarin (ni-hao!)

  • I have been to Australia: and can see myself living in Sydney someday. I fell in love with the relaxed but productive vibe of the city. I've also been to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia Morocco, Thailand and India. Want to go to South and North America next.

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