One step forward

I'm standing at the edge. Literally. 
I am done with the overuse of metaphors every day, by everyone. 
So I came to the edge. Off a cliff.
And now I am standing here, pondering whether this is a good day to take that one step forward that will change everything. Is it a good day? I wonder. Like a good son of the life-coaching-self-development-your-life-is-in-your-head era I try to visualize the effect of that little step. Fuck it. I'm done with visualization. I step forward.

First, there's the absence of ground. That feeling at the pit of your stomach. The same one you get when riding a roller coaster. I hate that feeling, but here it is. Maybe if I turn on my back it will be better. I guess I'd rather have a crashed spine than a smashed face. I manage somehow to turn around. This fall has been taking forever. I'm waiting for the flashes of my life to start darting through my brain, but so far, nothing yet. Only the insane amount of air that my body is moving and the sound of it. Who knew air could be so loud?

By the end of the fall (at least I think it's the end) I begin to enjoy it. It's almost like what I imagine floating must be like.

I guess now I shou...