Hi, I'm Teresa Calisto!

I live in Portugal. 
I love words and public speaking (I know...!). 
I'm a doer of many things.
Still exploring new horizons (in the world of communication & beyond...).

(when I was little, I wanted to have 10 different jobs. I think I'm almost there)

 I am currently a Communications and Marketing Consultant & Translater 

If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch!

Before that I was the  Founder, trainer, talker, writer and personal brander @Eu, marca registada 
a personal branding project I created, to inspire Portuguese students and entrepreneurs to think outside the box. It involved talks, a blog and workshops.

Before that I was a  Marketing and Communications Consultant 
as a freelancer I worked for different clients - a restaurant, an online cosmetics company, a clothing manufacturer - to help them improve the way they communicated with their targets

Before that I was a  Trainer in Marketing, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Time & Information Management, Merchandising and English 

Before that I spent a year in India working as a volunteer  Fundraising and Communications Officer @GSNP+ 
I was sent by a British ngo VSO to "share skills, change lives".

Before that I worked as the  Communications and Public Relations Manager @Porto Cancer Institute and @Prelada hospital 

Before that I was studying...

I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment on your favourite post or find me on instagram or pinterest.

Thanks for hanging around my virtual home! Looking forward to hearing from you.