Treat your career like a bad boyfriend

Living everyday is easy. It's simple and automatic: breathe in, breathe out, eat, drink water and you're done. Finding meaning in your existence is hard.
For me it's a daily struggle and I know I am not alone. This brings me some comfort but no resolution.

I remember the excitement of beginning college, with a ton of plans in mind and several projects to complete.
I also remember finishing college and feeling completely lost. The image I had in my mind was as if I was at the end of the land with a whole stretch of sea in front of me. I could do anything, but what?

I did many things since graduating from college. So many in fact, that at age 29 I found I had ticked off all the items in my to do list.
What about now? I guess the search for career meaning began.

I can't say that almost 10 years later I'm any closer to my end goal.
I have done many things in this decade, but have never found that same enthusiasm of the first years of college. Very often I feel like a fraud, especially when the search for meaning leads me to start a project on my own. Then the critical voices in my head all seem to find megaphones and of they go into a protest that completely shatters my self confidence.

I've realized that professionally, what I have been looking for is a feeling.
I say that I behave towards my (non-existent) career as most women act with regards to the (non-existent) Prince Charming. I'm always looking for that perfect project that will sweep me off my feet and make every commute to work feel like something out of a Broadway musical.
I know when I find It, the world will slow down and violins will magically start to play. Of course this professional unicorn does not exist. But I'm still chasing it like a teenage girl with googly eyes.

Is there a cure I wonder?
What advice would I give to a friend who would talk to me like this about finding the perfect man?

I have found the perfect man for me and it was not by believing in Prince Charming and acting like a teenager in love. The fact that I don't believe in those romantic mambo jambos is what helped me to be so happy in my personal life.
I wasn't looking, I wasn't putting an enormous amount of pressure on a human being to be perfect. I was just meeting people and seeing what would happen. No stress, no expectations, just enjoying myself.

Is this what I and others who are professionally lost, should do?
Should we treat our careers as bad boyfriends?
Remove the pressure, "date" different professions and see how things go?
I can already hear the objections rising in my head:
- a professional relationship is not like a personal relationship, there is much more at stake! they say.
- Is there? I ask cheekily.
- You are not getting any younger, looking for a career when pushing 40 is not cute!
- Really? Are you sure? Is there an age to start living your life to the fullest? Is there an age when we just have to give up?

I don't think so. I hope there isn't.

The voices have gone silent for now. They are sulking around in a corner of my mind, trying to come up with other convincing and discouraging arguments.
While they think, I will start the career dating process and see where things lead.
No pressure, no expectations, just having fun and enjoying life.