What would happen...?

I live in Portugal, which historically is a nation ruled by melancholy, "fado" and longing for the good old days, the time that has passed. Maybe these days weren't as good as people remember them, maybe everyone was complaining back there as well, probably longing for the previous days... who knows. Memory has a way of covering every thought with a delicious honey gold film.

Here, when we pass someone we know on the street and stop to chat, we ask: 
- "how's life?"
- "how are you doing?"

And the answers are invariably one of the following options:

1. "vai-se andando" which can be roughly translated by "we're going on" (nobody knows where or why, but nobody asks either, because that wouldn't be polite and we are in a hurry to, well, get going on ourselves);

2. "well-ish";

3. "never worse". I still don't know what this really means as the sentence on its own doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Last night, as I was reading a book whose author would like us all to be more positive, and I wondered:

What would happen if, when someone asked another Portuguese person in a Portuguese street, "How are you doing?", the person replied:

- Fantastic!
- Full of gratitude for this amazing life!
- Never better!

Would the Apocalypse descend upon us?
If so, would that be a bad thing?