Beauty: What you need to know about The ordinary

I love discovering new brands and I love trying on recommendations from my favorite beauty gurus. That's how I first heard of The Ordinary: through Wayne Goss and then Caroline Hirons (insert bow here).

What is it?

1. Apparently it's a no fuss, no marketing, beauty brand (part of a larger company that's been around for a few years). 

2. The story goes like this: the owner of the larger company was fed up with other beauty brands selling regular products as "groundbreaking" and marking up with millionaire prices active ingredients that he knew were quite cheap. Apparently companies pay 5$ for a kilo of some active ingredient and then sell a face cream for 500$ that has a tiny portion of said ingredient.

Why are they so talked about?
The prices are chin dropping low. You can buy a 2% Retinoid solution for under 10€.
(just to compare, Skinceuticals 1% retinol cream costs around 70$. The Ordinary will soon have a Retinol 1% for 6,70€. Both products have 30ml. Gasp!)

My experience

  • I have bought and used two The Ordinary products (Advanced Retinoid 2% and Vitamin C suspension 23%)
  • The products and packaging look very scientific, straight out of the lab. I was a bit afraid before the first use
  • They are nice, simple products: no special "perfumy" scents.
  • You can feel them working on your skin (the Vitamin C gives you a slight tingling sensation)

Where to buy them

Easy to order and very fast delivery (to Portugal, via Chronopost)

BUT you do need to know what you want to buy
You will not find a night cream or an eye cream on the website. Instead you will find a Retinol product or a Hyaluronic Acid product. The recommendations for use are minimal, but the product description is really good and well worth a read. 

This may also help you navigate the brand