Hi, I'm Teresa Calisto!

I live in Portugal. 
I love words and public speaking (I know...!). 
I'm a doer of many things.
Still exploring new horizons (in the world of communication & beyond...).

(when I was little, I wanted to have 10 different jobs. I think I'm almost there)

 I am currently a Communications and Marketing Consultant & Translater 

If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch!

Before that I was the  Founder, trainer, talker, writer and personal brander @Eu, marca registada 
a personal branding project I created, to inspire Portuguese students and entrepreneurs to think outside the box. It involved talks, a blog and workshops.

Before that I was a  Marketing and Communications Consultant 
as a freelancer I worked for different clients - a restaurant, an online cosmetics company, a clothing manufacturer - to help them improve the way they communicated with their targets

Before that I was a  Trainer in Marketing, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Time & Information Management, Merchandising and English 

Before that I spent a year in India working as a volunteer  Fundraising and Communications Officer @GSNP+ 
I was sent by a British ngo VSO to "share skills, change lives".

Before that I worked as the  Communications and Public Relations Manager @Porto Cancer Institute and @Prelada hospital 

Before that I was studying...

I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment on your favourite post or find me on instagram or pinterest.

Thanks for hanging around my virtual home! Looking forward to hearing from you.


One step forward

I'm standing at the edge. Literally. 
I am done with the overuse of metaphors every day, by everyone. 
So I came to the edge. Off a cliff.

When what you thought you wanted isn't what you want at all

or Dealing with misguided expectations

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
I always had a long list of different jobs I started reciting every time any one would ask me the inevitable questions grown ups ask kids "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

My list of jobs included many unrelated things such as becoming a hairdresser, a dolphin trainer or a ballerina. 

Treat your career like a bad boyfriend

Living everyday is easy. It's simple and automatic: breathe in, breathe out, eat, drink water and you're done. Finding meaning in your existence is hard.
For me it's a daily struggle and I know I am not alone. This brings me some comfort but no resolution.

What would happen...?

I live in Portugal, which historically is a nation ruled by melancholy, "fado" and longing for the good old days, the time that has passed. Maybe these days weren't as good as people remember them, maybe everyone was complaining back there as well, probably longing for the previous days... who knows. Memory has a way of covering every thought with a delicious honey gold film.

Beauty: What you need to know about The ordinary

I love discovering new brands and I love trying on recommendations from my favorite beauty gurus. That's how I first heard of The Ordinary: through Wayne Goss and then Caroline Hirons (insert bow here).

What is it?